About Us

Who we are

Aditya College of Pharmacy is inspired by the vision of building intellectual capital of India, as it prepares to take its deserving place in the company of developing nation in the near future. The college represents the essence of academic excellence where the faculty, students & educational infrastructure coupled with an innovative teaching -learning process combines to create a unique learning environment.

With the thought of using technology & resources effectively for economic growth. Aditya College Of Pharmacy is set up to replete with a challenging and intellectually stimulating academic environment to ensure creation generation ,dissemination & application of knowledge to mould "Pharmacy Leaders" tomorrow.


Our vision

Our vision is to prepare our students in such a way that they can meet the ever-increasing demand of Pharmacy Professionals in industries, Hospitals, Research and Development, Drug Control, Community Pharmacy, Clinical Research as well as in academics. Aditya College of Pharmacy aims at providing good quality pharmacist but also bound to focus at the overall development of the students and making the students fundamentally strong which enables them to place successfully in Pharmacy Sectors. To provide better education college is well equipped with necessary facilities like laboratories and classrooms that are designed according to the compliance prescribed by AICTE & PCI.

Chairman & Principal Message

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    Ajay Katare Chairman
  • Dear Pharmacy Professional, Thank you for taking the time to visit us on our website. India is emerging out to be global leader in Pharmaceutical Technology. Quality of medicines manufactured in India is proven...Read more

    Dr. Nidhi Jain, Principal