Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Intellectual competitiveness is essential to India Achieving the status of a global leader in the new knowledge age. In this context, education is a corner stone of economic development and prosperity. Technical education has created for itself a critical niche area, because today knowledge is imparting all aspect of life.

We are proud that Aditya College of Pharmacy is committed to provide efficient infrastructure, laboratories, equipment and to develop the students as competent pharmacist and highly qualified dedicated professionally in the future. We are continuously working to improvise the concept of Pharma education in today's global era with an aim to serve humanity better.

The Aditya Group Of Institution, Satna is inspired by the vision of building intellectual capital of India, as it prepares to take its deserving place in the Company of developing nation in the near future. The college represents the essence of academic excellence where the faculty, students & educational infrastructure coupled with an innovative teaching-learning process combines to create a unique learning environment.

We are confident that the Aditya College of Pharmacy , Satna will help in developing quality professionals and citizens capable of assisting in making India a developed nation and ultimately contributing towards improving the quality of life of our people.

Aditya College of Pharmacy endeavors to educate students to become complete professionals capable enough to strengthen the health care system of our nation and prepare them to become role models in their chosen profession."

Best wishes to our students.


Ajay Katare